New SC track available on CGR Presents: Volume X

From the bandcamp page:

This is the 10th compilation in the “CGR Presents” series, which began in 2007. As always, there is no overarching genre-centric theme. Just proper sounds by proper people.

Features a diverse range of works by:

{AN} EeL (Ontario), Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi (Italy), Bergstresser (California), Cuntsplitterkor (New Hampshire), Derek PS (Arizona), DJ_Iterate (Illinois), EL ZOMBIE ESPACIAL (Argentina), Fernando Bocadillos (Argentina), Grove Of Whispers (Texas), HACKD (?), Jaime Munárriz (Spain), Kosmische Clutharachán (California), KR Seward (Massachusetts), Lezet (Serbia), LIL (UK), Mayhem Lettuce (Illinois), Mean Flow (Greece), Mental Anguish (Tennessee), RDKPL (Czechia), Román Carranza (Argentina), Rusty-Like (Guatemala), Skin Contact (Colorado), SOMaBUSE (Italy), Terbeschikkingstelling (Netherlands), TMW (UK), Total E.T. (Slovakia), WHΛLTHISИEY (Portugal), Wilfried Hanrath (Germany) & Zumaia (France).

Glad to be part of it!

New Fugue State EP: More Space

Found myself playing with this track again, and had some fun doing some remixes and an ambient-style re-imagining. I decided to put the results on an EP with an outtake from the original Spaced Out EP and a newer techno-ish track that was recently finished.

New Fugue State release: Spaced Out (EP)

A 5-track EP from FS, released on DT Digital. As with all DTD releases, all proceeds go to Cloth Connection Outreach. Includes an excellent remix of the title track by Mrs. Dink.

DTD035 – Spaced Out, by Fugue State

DTD035 – Spaced Out by Fugue State, released 04 April 2022 1. There It Goes 2. Clockwatching 3. Threshold 4. Spaced Out 5. Spaced Out (Mrs Dink's A Space Case RMX) Fugue State joins the DTD family with this EP of Spaced Out electronic technoid goodness, including a remix by me, Mrs Dink!

Here’s a video for the title track:

Fugue State – Spaced Out

From the DT Digital EP release of the same name. All proceeds from this and other releases on DT Digital go to Cloth Connection Outreach.…

Donating Bandcamp proceeds to Colorado Freedom Fund through 6/21

This Friday, 6/19 (Juneteenth), Bandcamp will be donating 100% of their proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. I’d like to do something to help the cause as well, so from now through the weekend (6/18-6/21), I will be donating my Bandcamp proceeds to the Colorado Freedom Fund.

Artists & Labels Offering Donations, Special Merch, & More During This Friday’s NAACP Fundraiser

FEATURES Artists & Labels Offering Donations, Special Merch, & More During This Friday’s NAACP Fundraiser By Bandcamp Daily Staff · June 17, 2020 This Friday, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, we will be donating 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (and we’re doing this every June 19th from here on out).

Homeostasis – new benefit compilation

Extremely pleased to be part of this excellent compilation from CRL Studios! This is a benefit release in support of the WHO COVID-19 relief fund. From the press release:

“This compilation features over 22 artists from around the globe spanning genres from ambient/experimental to EDM/IDM and industrial. Artists include: Sleepless Droids, :10:, REKT, Mind.Divided, Lucidstatic, Echo Grid, Psykkle, Skin Contact, Blast Radius, Nootropic and more! Art and graphic design by Mike Slansky and mastering by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg. Out now on CRL Studios!”

Get it here:

CRL Studios Presents: Homeostasis

Coming June 10th, CRL Studios presents Homeostasis, a compilation of electronic music to benefit the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Grea…