Monday Night Noise Sessions on Steemit

Sort of a side project, “officially” part of the Fugue State Audio thing, but fits here just as well.

Due to some uploading issues, the first one was more of a “Tuesday Morning Noise Session”, but oh well. This is a new thing I’m planning to do regularly. Each one will be a bit different, but the idea is to do some type of live-recorded (no audio editing) audio/video noise session every Monday night on Steemit/DLive. I don’t have the bandwidth to do an actual live stream, so the videos will be pre-recorded, but the audio recording of the performance will be left as-is. The first one was posted late last night:

Fugue State Audio – Monday Night Noise Session 001 – Steemit

Note: upload issues make this more of a “Tuesday Morning Noise Session”, oh well. First of hopefully many weekly noise sessions for DLive, recorded “live”, no editing (I lack the bandwidth to do a proper live stream). Audio is a mix of hardware and software.

Viscera Drip – Satanic Panic 2CD (guest appearance)

I’m very pleased to announce the release of the new Viscera Drip album, Satanic Panic. Not only because I love Viscera Drip, but also because I had the honor of doing some guitar work for a couple of the tracks that appear on the 2nd disc, “Phobos” and “You’re My Dead Angel (feat. Genius Of Nefarious)”. The latter you may have seen previously on the Freak Machine 0.5 compilation. Available now from Poponaut!


Site back online (again), many new releases

The website is back online after a hacking incident. Due to my own negligence, the most recent backup was missing pretty much everything since getting the site back online the first time.

There has been quite a few new releases since the time of said backup, see the discography page for a full, updated listing. Highlights include the Machine Intelligence album; remixes for STG, Machines On Blast, Diverje, and The Mercy Cage; a guest appearance on a Viscera Drip track; compilations from The Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism and CRL Studios; and a split with 10564. There have also been a few new Krushed Opiates releases!

There have also been a few releases from Fugue State: From Here (digital EP) and a split EP on cassette and digital with Mrs. Dink, both on Degenerate Trifecta, and a compilation called Proverbial 11 v5.

In other news, SC music is now available for streaming from New material is also in the works, hoping to have an album out later in 2018.

Here’s the official video for “Towards a Bright Future” from Machine Intelligence:

new compilation – SAD vol. 3

Simultaneous Aural Detriments, Vol. 3

This is a noise compilation of sorts I took part in, organized by The Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism. The reason I say “of sorts” is because, rather than containing a bunch of individual tracks from various artists, it consists of one 15-minute track containing layers from each participant. Each artist contributed 3 minutes of audio, which could be spread across the 15-minute timeline however you wished. The other artists who contributed are Digestion Machine, Monskor, Teuthis Galore, Radioactive Wastelands, Nygatoria, SPACEGHOST, and The Dreaming Corpse.